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The activities of Pinheiro Lima & Guedes Saggioro Advogados in the Brazilian Oil & Gas market are old and have proceeded following the major restructuring of the sector, especially after the challenges imposed since 2014 (Lava Jato operations) up to the COVID Pandemic in 2019.

Strategically based in the centre of the Campos Basin -RJ, our team has been working in favour of major players in the oil and gas market for almost two decades, adapting to the constant changes since the first pre-salt discovery, sitting at the table of negotiations to defend its customers before the challenges imposed by agencies and regulatory entities.

Since the beginning of the Pandemic, there have been a great deal of negotiations and demands coordinated by our team of experts, especially the filing of appeals to cancel agreement fines, requests for contractual review, and renegotiation of terms together with Petrobras.

The latest events mentioned have compromised the global production chain and made it impossible to meet deadlines agreed since 2019, and were worsened by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and many contracts have been judicially reviewed due to the imbalance that affected many companies.

To meet these demands, our office created specific working groups, aimed at providing legal services specialized in discussing agreements with Petrobras and other market players.

Our main clients are international companies that provide services to Petrobras and our results have been stunning.